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Message to Parents & Students

08/05/2020: Updates are coming to the website this weekend. For SAT/ACT Prep, new practice tests and answer keys will be added. For math and science courses, new worksheets (with answer keys) will added. I will continue updating the website throughout August and placing notification in the "Messages to Parents & Students" section.

07/18/2020: The latest Chemistry and Physics notes have been uploaded (in the center column of this page). Homework referenced in the Chemistry Information Page and Physics Information Page will come from these notes.
Students from all courses should carefully reveiw the Course Information Pages (in the right-hand column of this page) to complete all homework assignments prior to the next class session. This will reinforce concepts that we have recently covered.

07/04/2020: REMINDER No Class on Monday (July 6, 2020) or Tuesday (July 7, 2020). Class sessions resume on Wednesday (July 8, 2020) and Thursday (July 9, 2020) at the normal times. Students need to work on and complete all homework assignments (detailed on the Information Page for each course) prior to the next class session. Links are on the right-hand column of this page. Additionally, students should complete at least 3 website exercises (from Student Login credentials) daily.

06/27/2020: Videos of recent classes (sessions 6, 7, and 8) have been uploaded to the Information Page for each course. Homework for each course has also been detailed on the Information Page. Students should plan to complete the homework from Session 8 prior to the upcoming Session 9. Students should also login daily to complete the required website exercises.

06/13/2020: I am monitoring student activity on the website (particulary math fundamental exercises). Many students are consistently completing online exercises to build up their skills. However, many are not going to the website at all to complete exercises. That is part of their homework and is not optional. Parents, please monitor your student's activity throughout the summer to ensure that he/she is completing all assigned homework.

06/07/2020: I have created a separate information page for each course.
   Each page contains the following:
   1) Videos of recent sessions
   2) Description of material covered during each session
   3) Homework assigned for each session (and due date)
   I will regularly post messages on this page.
Summer Academic Enrichment Material

Pre-Algebra Material

Pre-Algebra Material Packet (Click Here)

Algebra 1 Material

Algebra 1 Material Packet (Click Here)

Geometry Material

Geometry Material Packet (Click Here)

Algebra 2 Material

Algebra 2 Material Packet (Click Here)

Statistics Material

Statistics Material Packet (Click Here)

Pre-Calculus Material

Pre-Calculus Material Packet (Click Here)

Graphing Trig Functions Material Packet (Click Here)

Calculus Material

Calculus Material Packet (Click Here)

Chemistry Material

Chemistry Material Packet (Click Here)

Chemistry Notes (Click Here)

Periodic Table of Elements with Atomic Mass (Click Here)

Physics Material

Physics Material Packet (Click Here)

Physics Notes (Click Here)

SAT/ACT/PSAT Prep Material

SAT/ACT/PSAT Prep Student Material Packet(Click Here)

SAT Abbreviated Test Questions (Click Here)

SAT Abbreviated Test Grid Answer Sheet (Click Here)

Full-Length SAT Practice Test #1 (Click Here)

Full-Length ACT Practice Test #1 (Click Here)

Links to Subject Information Page

Pre-Algebra Information Page (Click Here)

Algebra 1 Information Page (Click Here)

Geometry Information Page (Click Here)

Algebra 2 Information Page (Click Here)

Statistics Information Page (Click Here)

Pre-Calculus Information Page (Click Here)

Calculus Information Page (Click Here)

Chemistry Information Page (Click Here)

Physics Information Page (Click Here)

SAT/ACT/PSAT Prep Information Page (Click Here)