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SMATCOE Magazine Articles

Chris Millett has written several articles for magazine "Brown Bag Values" (Pearland, TX Edition). These articles provide insight to problems that students typically encounter during their academic journey and guidance on how to overcome or avoid those problems. Additionally, the articles share ways in which students can consistently obtain academic excellence. To view these articles, click the appropriate link below.

April 2015 - Why Do Students Struggle With Math?
April 2015 - "Why Do Students Struggle With Math?"

June 2015 - Why Do Students Struggle on the SAT?
June 2015 - "Why Do Students Struggle on the SAT?"

July 2015 - Achieving Academic Excellence!
July 2015 - "Achieving Academic Excellence!"

September 2015 - Mastering the Fundamentals
September 2015 - "Mastering the Fundamentals!"