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SMATCOE - - - Commitment to Community

SMATCOE (led by Chris Millett) is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community, realizing the many families do not have the financial resources for tutoring and enrichment services. SMATCOE is now offering online SAT/ACT Prep course to any student who desires to take the course. The course fee is $250 per student. However, SMATCOE will allow families to unconditionally pay a reduced amount (of their choosing) or to pay no amount (getting the training absolutely free). In anticipation that 100s or 1,000s of students will take advantage of this offer, SMATCOE is allowing individuals blessed with financial means to contribute to this cause. Any amount donated is gladly accepted, because it furthers the mission of SMATCOE to reach all students who can benefit from the services, and it helps under-privileged students achieve academic excellence both now and in their future endeavors.

If you would like to make a donation, please enter the amount you would like to donate and click the "donate" button. Feel free to pass this information on to others, because SMATCOE is on a mission to spread its reach to students all over the country.

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Donations to SMATCOE Commitment to Community are not tax deductible, as SMATCOE is not classified as 501(c)(3). However, donations will allow those with limited financial resources to participate in SMATCOE offerings that they will not receive from any other organization.

If you prefer, you can mail your donation to:
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      Pearland, TX 77581